320,在澳洲驻广州领事馆的协助下,澳洲西悉尼大学的Pro.Roy Tasker 和新南威尔士大学的Pro.Brad Hall 来到365bet备用网址为高三和高一的同学们呈现了两堂精彩纷呈的讲座。Pro.Roy Tasker 为高三的同学们讲的是有关大脑接收信息到有效学习的一系列常识,而Pro.Brad Hall则为高一的同学们呈现了有关工程和科技的一堂讲座。两位教授深入浅出的讲解,生动有趣的PPT,视频令同学们受益匪浅。在讲座之后,同学们写下了不少的心得。

  Reflection on Pro Roy Taskers Lecture


  吴卓衡 Jacky  高三16 

  大家班今天有幸被邀参与由国际部组织的澳洲名师讲堂。课堂内容是与科学有关的,先容人的大脑接收信息到有效学习的一系列常识。虽然作为全场唯 一的文科班,包括我在内的同班同学依然听得津津有味,饶有兴趣365bet体育官网。因为吸引大家的不只是澳洲教授用多媒体展示的“分子动画讲授,更令大家投入思考的是他提出的一个个简单但却令人纠结不已的选择题。这时,大家便迫不及待地按动手上的电子应答器。不一会儿,随着教授几秒倒数,同学们选择的结果就清晰地以百分比的柱状图展示于屏幕上。让大家不得不惊叹澳洲大学课堂的硬件和App是多么人性化和高科技。


   到了最后提问环节中,同学们都积极的提出了各种很有深度的问题,看的出 Tasker 教授对同学们的问题非常赞赏。而我也在稍作思考后,礼貌地向Tasker教授提出我的一些问题,而教授前后两次赞扬我的问题very excellent ,让我紧张之余又带了一点兴奋。最后离场时,面对记者的采访,我道出了对这次讲座的心声:一次很令人印象深刻,获益匪浅的讲座。 

  余榕   高三8

 The Impression after listening to the Lecture of Roy Tasker

  3月20上午,8班获得难得的机会参与由广州澳洲领事馆举办的演讲活动。与于我个人而言,演讲者来自悉尼大学的Roy Tasker 十分亲和,力求以浅显的语言表达让大家了解到生命科学,感受到国外的教学氛围,印象最深刻的是上课的Keypad 工具,它让每个学生都拥有参与权和发言权,这种投票方式是课堂气氛更轻松活跃,常识吸取率更,并且设置课后提问环节,用于学生互动的机会。  

   就健康生命科学的教学内容而言,我对人体的微观世界十分感兴趣,教授将运动的分子以动画的形式呈现,并提出问题让学生们加深记忆,引起Pro. Roy Tasker 思想的共鸣及碰撞,有交流,有吸取,有思考。这两节课的时间让我受益良多。

   演讲中最大的亮点有两个:意识解题曲线,二是“沙丘定理”。大多数的时候,人们可能在解题第九,十步就无能为力了,证明每个人个思维都有一些瓶颈,一旦闯过去,你便有能力走的更远。“Sand Dune“表明沙丘的位置不变,但堆积的沙子却时刻更新,人也一样,每天你都是”新的自己“不要害怕什么,每一刻你都可以有新的开始。


   罗浩然 高三1

   Attending the speech delivered by Doctor Taskers, a PhD in inorganic chemistry,I felt it was a horizon- broadening and thought- provoking experience, which hit me with high- tech teaching methods as well as distinguished education theories.

   What attracts me, as well as other students, most is the Keypad, which is used to submit our answers. By clicking on the buttons, the answers of the students will be sent out and summed up in the computer. So every student has the chance to come up with their own opinion without worrying about losing their face when giving a wrong answer.

   The lecture also gave us some theory about how we can learn more efficiently, which will upgrade our learning abilities.

   We are so lucky that we can get to know what an Australian class is like, and we are content with such fresh but beneficial experience.  

    Reflection on Pro.Brad Hall’s Lecture


吴圣敏 高一2     Simplify our life 

       “It’s a good thing that computer technology exists and creates wonders” I thought, looking at a big screen full of top technological inventions in Professor Hall lecture. For example, solar car which can run more than 100 km per hour will use less energy than a hair dry365bet体育官网er; bionic eyes can be used in curing blindnessand 3 D TV with which we can appreciate a visual feast is invented. I really can’t imagine a dull old world without these amazing things.

       Many people may consider computer science and engineering as difficult subjects because of their high – tech content, but in fact engineers are always searching for ways to simplify complicated parts in machine making and turn them into something easy to operate. For example, designers of robots use color patterns to represent different matters in order to help robot soccer players identify goals and balls instead of “seeing” real objects through a camera. This form of thinking helps us solve problems and reduces troubles of complex conducts.

       Nowadays, with the quick development of the society, increasingPro. Brad Hall difficulties and heavy stresses are the main problems that people have to face in their life. So why not simplify our life, especially our process of thinking? Going through troubles may make us frustrated, angry even despaired. Then just take them easy and erase these negative moods little by little, and be calm. Only by easing our nerves and doing everything in a simple way can we build a world full of pleasure and relaxation in the bottom of our hearts, which keeps us hopeful, positive and energetic all day.

       Be simple, be happy.

    吴嘉雯 高一2

       A lecture which was organized by GZ Australia Embassy and the International Department was hold today. The lecture was given by Professor Brad Hall. It is the first time that I have had a general understanding of high- tech engineering and science.

   At the beginning, Professor Brad Hall made a brief introduction in engineering, including a lot of examples such as solar battery and smart mobile phone was presented to help us comprehend in depth how engineering works. In order to demonstrate how engineering was developed, Professor Hall showed us several videos of robot soccer competition in which we could easily find that those robots became more and more intel ligent. He also explained how students from his university solved the difficulties the y faced and made the things available

       To be frank, it is indeed a bit difficult for us students to understand some professional terms mentioned in Professor Pro. Brad Hall Hall’s lecture, but we all had a good time attending a speech which offered much information that we were interested in. Actually, the speech also broadened my vision, and before that, never have I imagined that a university can be like a research and development department in a technology company,

       Since the competition among graduates is fierce today, the widest knowledge range of engineering may sharpen our competitive edge. Professor Brad Hall offered a way for those who are interested in computer science and engineering to make their dream accessible. All in all, all of us did learn a lot from Professor Hall’s lecture.

  雷沛涵  高一         Where should technology and science go?

       Pro. Bra365bet体育官网d gave us an interesting lecture in which he showed us a magical world of computer science and engineering. I have learnt a lot from the speech as well as having some different perspectives about engineering now.

   From his combination of profound theories and a lucid explanation, I knew that science is made up of a mechanical one and an informational one. In the information science, operating system is the major subjects. Pro. Brad introduced the application of OS in robots soccer matches, which is a big event in his college.

        While Pro.Brad was giving the speech, I was considering the relationship between machine and information. According to Pro. Brad, information can simplify human’s life and color it. But in my opinion, information is a thing that is built up on the basis of machines, which directly influences our life. Therefore, technology and science should not only be developed along the track of information skills, but also raising the quality of machines.

       Of course, science spirits are the same in developing both machines and information, being strong- minded, patient and careful. The example that Pro. Brad and his team spent a whole day testing the robots indeed inspired me as well as encouraged me to following the dream of being a great machine engineer.

   叶梓杰  高一18

Today, I was proud to listen to a meaningful and beneficial lecture,  which was about engineering and technology. 

As we know, Australia is a great- economic country with charming nature. There is no doubt that technology plays an important part. During the lecture, Professor Hall said that science has a close relationship with technology and economy and showed us his smart robot which played for a soccer team. Professor also showed us some videos about how robots played in the soccer matches. Finally, we thought that it was enjoyable for us to attend this lecture.

 After hearing the lecture, I came to a conclusion that technology is based on education. In today’s society, the quality of a nation’s education is one of the biggest predictors for a nation’s success. On the other hand, education and investment in research and development are keys to the future in which technological innovations and break- through begin.

   刘紫捷 高一18

Nothing could express my excitement when I stepped into the Lecture Hall. It was a refreshed professor that was preparing his material for the speech on the stage, which made me too impatient to wait. The theme of the lecture is about science and engineering. He talked about a lot of theory, as well as showed us many short videos about the robots’ soccer competition to demonstrate his views on engineering technology. Although I was not quite interested in this area, I was still deeply affected by his word-painting. Not until the end of the speech did I come back to the reality and said goodbye to him. I think I have gained a lot from him, not only about the robots but also the spoken English. It will always be one of my special and unforgettable experiences. 







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