2013广州高考一模365bet备用网址英语平均分124(含口语)陈玮 14分(高三18双击原文可放大)

     Located at No.1 Rose Road, it covers an area of 80 m2 ,   including two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen as well as 365bet体育官网one toilet. It will cost you $ 380 a month for renting but free wifi is provided, so you can savor the pleasure of surfing the net whenever you like. Moreover, it is convenient for you to take a five- minute walk to the underground station and if you want to get access to some food or books, two supermarkets and a public library are just in store for you. Last but not the least, the person sharing the renting with me is supposed to be responsible without smoking habit. People intending to rent the house can call 5558- 5916 after 6 pm.

李隽  14分(高三18班)

     Located in Rose Street 1st and covering a space of 80 square meters, the apartment, with total rent of $ 380 per month, consists of two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one toilet. Not only does it provide free wifi for surfing the Internet, it is also not far from two big supermarkets as well as a public library. For good measure, the convenient transportation the place offers is bound to assure a comfortable life, as it only takes 5 minutes to arrive the metro station on foot. At last, the roommate I’m looking for is expected to be responsible but not a smoker. If someone is interested, please call my number 5558-5916, after 6 pm.

严敏倩  15分(高三18班)

     Located in 1st Rose Street, my apartment covers an area of  80 square meters. Not only does it have two comfortable bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom, but free wifi is also provided. Convenient as it is, two supermarkets as well as a public library are nearby and going to subway station only needs a five minute walk. It is crucial that my roommate is of great responsibility with no bad habit of smoking. The rent is 380 dollars each month so whoever is interested please call 5558-5916 after 6 pm.
高雪梅  14(高三18)

     Located in 1 Rose Street, the apartment covers an area of 80m and costs $ 380 per month. There are two bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen and one toilet in the apartment, and moreover, free wifi is always available in the apartment. Neighboring two large supermarkets and a public library, the public transportation around the house is so convenient that it only takes five minutes to get to the subway station. From my perspective, I am looking forward to finding someone who has a great sense of responsibility and doesn’t smoke to share the apartment with me. Anyone interested is welcome to call 5558-5916 after 6pm.

许雪  14分(高三1班)

     The apartment is situated in No1 Rose Street, and the total tenting fare is $380 per month. It covers an area of 80 m, together with 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a toilet, and free wifi service is provided as well. Neighboring two huge supermarkets and a public library, the transportation of the surroundings is convenient, and you can arrive at the subway station within 5 minutes on foot. In addition, it is significant for my roommate to be a responsible person and also a non smoker. Anyone who has the intention to rent this apartment with me together please phone 5558-5916 after 6 pm, and I am looking forward to any response.

叶蓁  4+19=23分(高三1班)



     The author was enlightened by a film called The Time  Machine. After giving up the idea of seeing dinosaurs, he wanted to travel back through time to enjoy the 1936 Berlin Olympics and meet Jessie Owen.

     The author’s fantastic imagination stimulates my thought. If I were able to travel back through time, I would travel to the time of Tang Dynasty out of curiosity. At that time, the thriving ancient China was a place of cross- cultural communication  I would take a good grasp of this chance and try to meet the famous poet, Li Bai. Drinking and talking with him is what I long to do! I adore his romantic imagination.

     LiBai’s poems had a far- reaching influence on the history of Chinese literature, and always evoked tears and praises in my heart. I really want to figure out what the world was like in his eyes when he was drunk and why he could write down so many moving poems which were regarded as masterpieces today.

     Meeting Li Bai is profound in meaning to me. It means that I could have a heart- to- heart talk with him. Therefore, I would have a better understanding of his poems of Chinese history and of life.

许雪 4+19= 23(高三1)

     The author saw a film in which an inventor went back in time to save his sweetheart, and it triggers the author’s thoughts of 365bet体育官网gong back to Germany in 1936 to witness that Mr. Owens beat Germany athletes in the race and telling the world how evil Hitler was.     

     The passage strikes me a responsive chord because I have been longing for going back to the past as the author does. If I could go back in time, I would have gone to ancient China of the Han Dynasty.

     Back in the Han Dynasty, I would be a student of the great doctor Hua Tuo. As his student, I could learn a wide range of medical skills as well as a variety of usage of the ancient herbs. Along with this, I can serve as an assistant of him and give him a hand in healing the wounded and rescuing the dying. Last but not least, nothing could more crucial than setting down his spirits and knowledge and bearing them in mind, and most importantly, bringing them to the present.

     From my perspective, my journey back to Han Dynasty will be beneficial in awaking some useful medical secrets that have been buried in history for a long time, and thus we are able to boost our current Chinese Medicine. Furthermore, what I consider most precious is that I could bring Hua’s spirit back to the modern society and stimulate medical staffs to fulfill their duty in terms of Hua’s principal.

叶晓倩  4+19=24分(高三1班)

     The author told us that because his imagination was stimulated by a film called  The Time Machine, he thought about going back  to see dinosaurs. Since it was too dangerous, he decided to experience. Since it was too dangerous, he decided to experience the 1936 Olympics with Jessie Owens instead.

  With my spirit rising, I am sunk

in the thought of going back to

the famous Yuan Ming Yuan

before it was heavily destroyed

by the foreign soldiers. Obviously,

I don’t aim to rewrite the history,

but to witness how elegant and

intoxicating the royal garden was.

Besides having a trip around the garden and admiring the

magnificent buildings, I would take as many photos and videos as

I can, in order to take down its outline and scene inside. Also, I

would count the valuable artwork stored in the garden as the

royal family collection, if I can.

     After returning, I can devote the information to my country. As an indispensible part of history, Yuan Ming Yuan should not fade away along with its unclear look. Today, we still suffer form the pain of the lost value of our country. With these important photos, we can pull ourselves together as a united nation, and recover from the past. Only in this way can we remember the past and embrace the bright future together. 

黄昕虹  5+18=23分(高三2班)

 After seeing a film  called The Time Machine, the writer’s imagination was fired and thought he would travel to the time of dinosaurs at first, but finally he changed his mind to travel to 1936 to Germany and do a lot of things.

If I could go back in time, I’d like to travel to July, 15th, 2009 in the classroom. That was a sunny day with a hot sun hung on the sky. I would never forget that day because I did the most wrong thing that day.

I could go back to that day, I would accept her apology and rebuild our friendship instead of fighting with her just because she lied to me. I would cherish our relationship as my treasures and would not allow a “ white lie” to broke it. I would rush to the airport and see her of rather than crying at home alone and refusing her phone calls and text message. I would do everything I could do to rebuild our friendship and give her the best wishes. I would never be so stubborn and remain misunderstanding between us.

Why does it really make sense? It’s because that she goes abroad for further study and won’t return to China. I have no chance to say my forgiveness to her face to face. Because the misunderstanding, we are no longer the best friends. And I lost our friendship forever.

余聆睿  5+ 19=24 (高三17班)

     After watching the film, The Time Machine, the writer was impressed and wanted to travel back to 1936 Berlin Olympics Games to have a wonderful experience with the great American athlete Jess Owen.

     The passage also made a deep impression on me. If I have chance to travel back through time, I thought I’d like to go back to Shanghai Expo. 2010. It was such a wonderful cultural and historical event that attracted thousands of millions of people from home and abroad. For me, I also loved to be a tourist there, feeling the power of cultural shock.

     There is no denying that I would visit China stadium. There, I would be able to get a better understanding of our nation’s history and realize the fact that it was tough and difficult to have a freedom and independence. What’s more, I would also have the opportunity to visit some cultural relics and treasures left by our ancestors. I thought this trip would be bound to be a successful and fruitful one.

     After visiting the Shanghai Expo and the Chinese stadium, I thought it served as a great reminder for us that we should treasure our life with freedom and happiness and know the importance to fight as a whole when our nation is attacked by others, I also bear in mind that as a member of promising generation, I would inherit the good virtues and spirits passed on by our ancestors and make great contribution to the development of our country.

黄晓懋  4+19=23分(高三18班)

     The author was inspired by the film about a time travelling machine and dreamt of travelling back through time to witness living dinosaurs or meet the great athlete Jessie Owen in 1936

      The fantasy of time travelling reminds me of an English historian who once said if chances were given, he would like to travel back to AS 1 C and live in Xin Jiang because of the prosperous culture there. As for me, I would choose the capital city of the Song Dynasty for the same reason. It is known to all that with a stable inner society and well- developed productivity, Song Dynasty left behind a variety of cultural achievements to be adored by the descendants.

     Suppose I managed to travel back to the Song Dynasty, I would go sightseeing around the urban area at the very beginning. According to the history records, there should be all kinds of stuffs from home and abroad to be sold at the market, along with places for recreation. After that, visiting the academies founded by famous philosopher and watching them debate should be fascinating as well. Maybe I could meet SuShi in person if I traveled there in an appropriate time.

     People always long for going back to the past out of curiosity, so do I. But more importantly, experiencing the colorful culture, created by the ancestors is certainly of great fun.

王超颖  4+19=23分(高三18班)

     Inspired by the film The Time Machine, the author dreamed about travelling back through time. On reflection, he decided to experience the Berlin Olympics where he could meet the admirable athlete Jessie Owen in person.

     On condition that I am capable of travelling back through time and return to the past, the time I’d like to travel to is 1945 when my motherland won its battle against the Japanese invaders.

     As I can see and judge from the history, our country had suffered a great deal during the war. So were I be able to return to that memorable day when the Japanese claimed failure, I would run to the street to greet our soldiers who had committed their own lives to the country and share the joyful moment with the nation. Furthermore, I might even get the chance to shake hands with those remarkable leaders during the war and express my heartfelt gratitude towards their achievements. Lastly, I want to take the newspaper published that day back to the modern times so as to remind myself and others of this historic event.

     From my perspective, history is not merely the past, getting the chance to go back and experience it in person is an invaluable lesson from which we can learn to cherish what we possess today and it can also help us to pave the way for the future.

Stay hungry Stay foolish     




Stay hungry. Stay foolish. 求知若饥,虚心若愚。但大家更喜欢这个说明:对超越自我,保持饥饿;对困难的阻挠,保持愚蠢。因为饥饿,大家不会停止进步;因为那一点点傻,大家始终相信困难终会被大家消灭。。


大家会继续Work Hard. Dream Big. 努力工作。大胆梦想。这就是大家饥饿感的根源。



I’m lucky, but it’s a past glory, Keep pushing me to keep me walking. 我很幸运,已成过去,保持激励,不断进步。

n       Stanley

n       2013届高三1,18任课教师及备课组长)













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