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A fantastic experience to Xinghai Concert Hall

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李昊年 高一1

Last Thursday, I got a valuable chance to go to Xinghai Concert Hall to enjoy the great musical from American students. It was 4:30 p.m when we gathered at the gate of our school, but because our bus driver was late, we finished our simple dinner in front of the gate. Although it was cold, we all felt excited and expectant.

We arrived at the Xinghai Concert Hall three hours later, when the musical had already begun. Michel, the teacher of American school, was standing outside to wait for us. He was welcoming but we were ashamed for our tardiness. We soon went into the hall quietly.

The musical IT GIRL was acted by some American students of our same age, which didn’t suit their acting. We were amazed at their professional acting. The music matched the story well, and the actors' expression made the story more moving. The girl was really brave, the lady was really evil, the man in black was really hesitant, and the man in white was really naive and stupid. They acted it as if they did experience it. To tell the truth, I didn't understand it until it was finished, but I was deeply moved by the actors----I mean it was so wonderful that it even overcame the barrier of different languages. I have no idea to describe more about such a great performance beyond my English level.

By the way, I found an interesting appearance in the hall. As the musical was very interesting, sometimes we burst into laughter. But among the people who were laughing, the loudest laughter always came from Chinese adults. Why? I think they showed that they just understood English!

      In this activity, I realized my disadvantages in English, and knew many important ceremonies in such an hall. I’m grateful to this chance.

上周四大家得到了一个欣赏纯英语音乐剧的宝贵机会,大家下午四点半前往星海音乐厅。音乐剧IT GIRL是一群长相并不出众的美国学生出演的,他们的演出十分专业,可以看出下了许多心血,投入的表演让大家也十分投入。说实话,我并没有完全听懂那些美国人的台词,但是我完全体会到了他们的情感起伏——通过音乐,通过肢体。表演过程中爆发阵阵笑声的观众都像是些华人家长,由此可见他们是十分明白故事内容。



Last Thursday I was honored to have an opportunity to enjoy the English musical in Xinghai Concert Hall. It was my first time to see a play in English live, which amazed me with the powerful voice and fluent spoken English.

When we arrived at the Xinghai Concert Hall, the play had already begun. Some actors on the stage caught my eyes immediately. Their costumes were shining by the light, some of whom wore beautifully, while others wore normally. Then I found that I could judge their identities by their clothes. After hearing a few minutes, I found that their pronunciation was so standard but they spoke too fast for me to catch their points, thus I just caught a few words and forced to fancy what they were talking about. I felt bored gradually because of my low level of English. While I was bored to watch more, they began to sing. How sweet and powerful their voice was! They devoted their feelings to singing and dancing, which was incredible. Their style of music helped me distinguish the emotion of the role. As time passed away, I lost myself in the play gradually.

The content of the play was wonderful, and I appreciate their hard work. The play lasted two hours, which was so long for the actors. They must make a huge effort to remember actors’ lines and find out the personalities of the role and tried to perform exactly and wonderfully. To show our thanks to their effort, we gave them thunder-like applause to show our respect.

It was so wonderful to listen to such an incredible play in weekdays when we were tired after study. I was so grateful to our school to broaden our horizons and relax myself. Above all, I was thankful to the actors who gave us such an unforgettable experience in English and the most attractive songs.




With the curtain raised, light came out from the stage, and hush fell over the concert hall----the musical “The IT Girl ” began. It was the first time that I had seen a musical in the Xing Hai Music Hall. I was sitting in the concert hall, with smile on my face, and excitement in my heart. I had looked forward to seeing the musical for a long time.

The band struck up a tune as the actors came out of the stage .I turned my eyes to the band, where an elegant lady in a long black dress was playing the electric keyboard. An actress stood in front of the stage and started to sing. Her voice was so beautiful that it was as sweet as honey. Then more and more performers came out, singing and dancing to the beautiful music. The performers performed a story in several parts. They performed with heart and soul, with humor and happiness. It seemed that they were in a real situation and I was deeply intoxicated by their performance.

Not only was the story nice but also the music was great. The band played the music with several kinds of musical instruments like the flute, the clarinet, the saxophone, the violin, the electric keyboard and so on. I admired the musicians for their rich talent; I was enchanted by the wonderful music.

The musical was excellent and it was the best one I have ever seen ,I am grateful for being given a chance not only to enjoy a music but have a journey to music as well. 

随着帷幕升起,灯光熄灭,音乐厅安静下来,歌剧IT Girl开始了。这是我第一次在星海音乐厅看演出。我坐在音乐厅里,我脸上带着微笑,我心中非常兴奋。我很早就期待着看歌剧了。

乐队奏起乐曲,演员们登场了。我看见一位穿着黑色长礼服优雅的女士在玩电子琴。一个演员站在舞台的前面,开始唱歌。她的声音是如此美丽,歌声甜得好似蜂蜜一样。 于是越来越多的表演,唱歌和跳舞,我陶醉在在优美的音乐中了。表演者把故事演绎成几个部分。他们用心和灵魂表演,充满幽默和快乐。似乎他们在演绎真实的故事,我深深地陶醉在他们的表演中。




    On November 27th, I spent a lovely night enjoying the musical “the IT Girl”. It was the first time that I had gone to the XingHai Music Hall. It looked quite wonderful with several warm lights. I felt a bit afraid to enter it, because there must be a beautiful secret inside.

Fortunately, as we got in, the musical began. We sat down and enjoyed it. I found it difficult to understand what the performers said, but their songs were actually as sweet as honey. The intermezzo was also melodious. When they turned to a next charter, they removed the props with no noise, which I thought we should learn form. In addition, the background videos were nice too.  Most importantly, the actors and actresses performed heart and soul. It seemed that they were experiencing something real.

I had never enjoyed such a fantastic musical before. I was grateful to everyone who gave me the chance to see it.

十一月二十七日,我度过了一个可爱的夜晚,欣赏了音乐剧IT Girl。这是我第一次去星海音乐厅。柔和的灯光是音乐厅显得很温馨。我觉得很期待,因为音乐厅里面有一个美丽的秘密。




The IT Girl is a remarkable theatrical experience for me. We watched the musical in the Xing Hai Music Hall, which amazed me by its design. At the same time, I appreciated the politeness and preciseness of the staffs. More impressively, the actors and actresses put a great effort to create a wonderful show. And their singing did. What is more, this romantic story had a happy ending which moved me. Words can not show my respect and love to the musical. It was an impressive experience.

IT Girl》是出个非凡的歌剧,也是我看的第一出歌剧。我在有着令我感到惊讶的设计的星海音乐厅看演出,。同时,我欣赏员工的礼貌和严谨。更令人印象深刻的是,男演员和女演员为了创造一个精彩的表演而作出了许多努力。他们的歌声也证明了他们的努力。更重要的是,这个浪漫的故事有个使我感动的美好的结局。我用言语无法表达我对《IT Girl》的的敬重和爱。这是一次令人印象深刻的体验。


Weeks ago, I went to see an opera which widened my vision and broadened my horizon a lot.

It was performed by the American School and it was called the IT Girl. At first I thought it was talking about an IT Girl who can play computer well, but gradually, I found it was a love story between eight people.

Of course, I can’t understand all of it, but I can know the main idea about it. Actually, what attracted me was not the story, but the characters and the band. Talking about the characters, they all discharged their own duty so well that it made a deep impression on me. I could even feel their emotion while they are acting! When it comes to the band, there were only eight people, but they completed a mysterious job. The music was fair-sounding all the time, I could only say that their level was high and their team was fantastic!

Last but not least, music is the bridge of the people even though they can’t understand each others’ language. What an amazing thing it is!

昨天,我去看歌剧,它开阔了我的视野,增长了见识。这出歌剧是由一所美国学校的学生表演的的,歌剧名为The IT Girl。一开始我以为是在谈论一个玩电脑玩的很棒的女孩,但是我逐渐发现这是一个由8个人演绎的爱情故事。



 Elanor  高二17

周四下午,穿着礼仪服,我和我的小伙伴们出了学校,一起去星海音乐厅看AISG的音乐剧”The It Girl”。和我一起去的其中一个小伙伴是第一次去星海音乐厅,而我已经是第n次去了。来到星海音乐厅,望着江边繁华的夜色,那种脱离了学校的短暂自由令人快乐。而晚上的那场音乐会,带给我却不仅仅只有快乐。

The It Girl是一个十分欢快的歌舞剧。整部音乐剧的配乐都是AISG的同学们自己演奏的,最新颖的是剧场与短视频的配合,就连视频的配乐都是现场演奏的。每一幕的背景都设置的很精美,演员们的服装也很抢眼。看到他们在舞台上倾情演唱,尽情舞蹈,我不禁有些羡慕。在大家学校,虽然有音乐剧社,但是出品的音乐剧远不能及人家的水准,创意也不及人。 平时大家更没有机会这样投入不计回报地尽情表现自己,大家的任务好像只有天天好好学习。可是因为国籍与出身的原因,大家没有机会去AISG读书,也许这就是所谓的自由在高处吧。现在大家也许只能坐在台下看他们的演出,但有一天通过我自己的努力,我也可以达到和他们一样的高度,享受和他们一样的自由。也许我的青春错过了这种自由,但是我的孩子可以和他们一样自由自在地唱歌跳舞,演奏乐器,做自己喜欢做的事情。


AISG(广州美国人国际学校)之邀(对方甚至还安排了来回交通)高中部连苏元共四十多名师生到了星海音乐厅的室内乐厅欣赏由该校学生表演的音乐剧The It Girl. 为了让同学们能5点坐上车,学校饭堂特地为每位学生准备了免费的点心,任教班的英语老师也忙前忙后落实参加者的名单以及活动后收集,修改同学们的稿件和图片等等,这一切都是为了让同学们在二中学习期间能有与众不同的人生体验,希翼参与活动的同学能够体会学校的用心。再此,的确要感谢大家,才可以使活动及相关报道顺利进行。-Rose

The IT Girl  by  Paul, McKibbins And BT McNichol


The IT Girl is a charming musical that opened to critical acclaim Off-Broadway, with music by Paul McKibbins and lyrics by BT McNicholl. This Jazz Age Cinderella story is based on the classic 1927 film that made Clara Bow a star. The funny, sweet and joyous show is a valentine to the Roaring '20s and the world of silent movies, where the music was colorful, right and wrong were black and white, and the girl who had IT had it all! Our songbook includes 11 songs: Black and White World * Coney Island * It * Mama's Arms * A Perfect Plan * Stay with Me * Step into Their Shoes * Why Not? * more.


说法是IT就相当于the x factor,就是一种让所有人倾倒的不凡魅力,但难以描述,所以简单指代为IT,而有这种IT元素的女人,就叫做IT Girl了。现在所谓的时尚可不只是runway决定,还得IT Girl使用才算,IT GirlRich Girl的区别,以自己的风格穿出时尚,这就是IT Girl的精神所在。

还有一种说法是,“It”的意思是“I don't know what”,大意是“让人无法描述”。本意是对一个性感女孩的婉转称赞,不过目前这个词儿更为人们所接受的含义变成了那些靠买鞋子、开party来炫耀自己性感的女孩子们。


It” 是一种特性,拥有它的人像有一种强烈的磁力——如果是女性,则It Girl具有吸引所有男性的魔力;反之,如果是男性,则It Boy具有吸引所有女性的魔力。

It Girl It Boy 们充满自信,不在意取悦于你或否,她/他可能看起来冷淡,但总有一点什么东西会打动你,并让你感觉她/他并非真的冷漠。——这就是“It”。。。。






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